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 Good Design Makes Good Business

Our staff are a highly talented bunch of geeks with a wide range of skills encompassing design, development, marketing and business. We’re ready to help you with thoughtful marketing strategies, imaginative designs and savvy web development.

We're great listeners (and not because we have big ears), we’ll take your idea, combine it with our vision and technical knowledge to create outstanding results that will look fantastic, easy to use and ultimately help your business grow.

Webnificent can help you present your business and products to the world with pride and confidence.


We Design & Develop

We have a team of geaks with years of experience in all areas of web design and development.  

We Listern

We listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business to find the best solution to fit 

We're Passionate

Everything has to look and work perfectly, we work all hours of the day to get things just right

We're Honest

Honesty goes a long way, by providing a great service we hope you will tell everyone

We Are Friendly

We have approachable staff that will make the process easy and pleasant.  We speak in plain English, not techno-babble

We're Affordable

Webnificent has low overheads as we have no fancy office in the city.  This allows us to keep our prices low and competitive

We Offer More

Not only do we design & develop, we also host websites and offer photography services to fully bring your website to life

You're The Boss

We'll give you options, ideas, and the info to make good choices, but ultimately, every decision made will be yours